Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a week..

So this week, along with everyone else, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened on Monday at Virginia Tech. It’s a horrible thing that happened and I can’t imagine what the students and faculty are going through. But it really got me thinking about how it could happen here, it can happen anywhere.
On Monday after English when some people heard it for the first time about what happened, I was walking to the Hopewell and I was passing all these people talking on their cell phones asking if they had heard what had happened. At work, that was the talk of the night as everyone was trying to piece together what they knew. It seemed as if everyone was concerned and wanted to show their support. As I watched the news that night and Tuesday morning, I saw that so many colleges were paying their respects in different ways. I’m proud of how everyone is supporting VT and helping in anyway they can. It made me think of 9/11 and how the nation came together after that and we really became one to over come the tragedy. I hate though how it takes something so horrific for people to come together. I loved hearing though that there was a moment of silence at the oval on Wednesday for those who lost their lives and also how they played VT’s song over the chimes. It really does make me proud that people are out there supporting VT. There are also people on facebook trying to nominate Liviu Librescu for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was the professor who was an OSU alumnus and was killed while trying to save his students. This is the highest Medal of Honor that a civilian is able to get. It just gives me chills to think of how many people are being so involved in supporting VT. It really just amazes me and I hope that it continues for a long time.


Tiffany Davis said...

I know how you feel. Everywhere I go I hear about what happened. It affected everyone even the people that had nothing to do with virginia. It scares people because it could happen anywhere and nobody can really stop it. That's good that they are trying to give him that medal. Anyone who is brave enough to save someone in the shock of the moment deserves a medal. This was a great blog. I enjoyed reading it.

jessica myers said...

I really appreciate your comment, and I know how you feel about the differences that have changed lives. Trust me darling, it does once you see just how fortunate you are. But don't feel bad about not having time, I used to be the same way. As long as your intention is to help whenever you can or whenever needed, it's the same thing. You may not travel to places like Mexico, like I did, but you still helped and that's all that matters. Hopefully you will get a chance to experience something that I have, but if not, know that it truly is a wonderful experience. In your blog, I like this post because there is so much turmoil with the situation at hand dealing with Virginia Tech. It literally scares me because one day you could go to school, and then not come home all because some kid with mental issues got his buttons pushed for the final time. I really appreciate what other universities have done to help in any way they can and show their support through our moment of silence, and playing their Alma Mater. I really enjoyed your post.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

The post is very nice (great prose!), the feedback is great, fantastic links. Get some paragraphing action, going, though.


Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law is part of the faculty at Virginia Tech. That day, she was in her office, which is 100 ft away from Norris Hall. She is ok, but my brother and her are very angry and resentful, plus cannot understand why this had to have happened. She has to live with this everyday and go to work right next to where many have perished. Imagine how that would feel. However, on the bright side I am happy and impressed that many colleges have came together to mourn with the families and students at VT. The following is true, even now "Today, we are all Hokies."