Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Love Volleyball

One of the things I really wanted to get involved with at school was intramural sports. I didn’t really care what sport it was, I just wanted to be able to meet some new people. I was excided to learn though that they were offering volleyball which is my favorite sport. Upon going to the meeting with two of my roommates, we found a team. Being involved with intramurals led me to know lots of new people, and really some of my closest friends now. Intramurals is something that I would recommend to everyone because it lets you have fun and exercise but it leads you to meet people who you might have never met until then. This is something that I am always going to be involved with because it creates so many memories. I wouldn’t give up all the fun times with my team for anything.
I remember this one time last quarter that we were playing this team and we were beating them so I decided that I wanted to jump serve. I haven’t jump served since high school a year ago so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out. Well as I got ready I did my little routine and served it and it went over hard and I got an ace! I was so excided! I literally ran around the court screaming “AH, I just got it over!” I was so excided, the adrenaline was pumping so hard I couldn’t stop running. My team was laughing so hard because they just stood there watching me as I lapped them around the court. Well it turns out I didn’t really loose my touch because I ended up serving like 6 more after that before something happened and the other team got the ball. I was so excided that I had remembered how to do it.
I really encourage everyone to get involved. It’s so much fun and it really creates a bond with those people, even if that is the only time you see a few of them, you have that bond and those memories to hold on too.


Shannon said...

Very good blog. I would get involoved like this but with two jobs and school I would never have time and the only sport that I would be interested in would be soccer and they don't offer that out here. I think it is very cool that you are getting involved in volleyball, its a very tough sport to manage. I hope you have fun in the sport.

Nodie said...

hey amanda,
i really liked your blog. i always wanted to get involved in the school but i never new what to join. i do need to meet a couple of new friends, ,so doing that would help. i dont know if i wanna join any sports because i'm not that good at them. allright well keep doing good written these blogs.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Good post, for sure. A good intro and story. Some grammar stuff, though. It's "excited," not "excided." There's a comma missing here (can you guess where?):"I was excided to learn though that they were offering volleyball which is my favorite sport." Finally, work on paragraphing here, and putting sapces between your paragraphs.

Overall, a good job.


Anonymous said...

Life at OSU:

Life at OSU is a time-stealing, life-sucking, brain-squeezing, tongue-crunching, finger-cramping, soul-killing, eye-melting, lip-bruising, labido-crushing, spirit-eroding factory of pain and sorrow.

5 years later... will I have anything to show for it besides scabs, scars, and incense?

Now a poem:

"OSU" (My Haiku)

scarlet and gray wounds
pollute my soul with the air
oxygen kills me

Anonymous said...

OSU is an amazing school that offers endless opportunities in both academia and extra-curricular. Koodos on finding an intramurel team to join! These non-competitive, recreation league sports are, indeed, a great way to meet people. You can play hard and have fun without the pressure of winning (even though it is always nice to win!). I'm glad you shared your jump-serve experience; those little moments give meaning to intramural sports.

Amanda Gehres said...

Hello Anonymous number one. I just want to thank you for the poem. I loved it. It is an interesting way of thinking about OSU and I think that at the end of school I will feel the same way. Thanks for looking at my blog and come again!