Friday, May 25, 2007


Why did you choose to blog about your life at Ohio State?

I chose to write about Ohio State because it is something that is important to me. I felt that by writing about my college life, I could share what I have experienced. OSU has always been something that I could talk about with anyone. Growing up, my whole family was Buckeye fans so that just brought us together. That was something that we could always have in common and share among each other. My three older siblings all have gone to OSU and it just felt right for me and my sister to follow. I know a lot about Ohio State because of my family, so I figured that blogging about that would come easy for me. Writing about my life at OSU has made me realize that sometimes I’m not the only one stressed about classes, or excited about football games. Knowing that people feel the same way I do about things really helps to keep me calm in some ways.

What do you hope that people will learn from your writing?

I hope that people learn how much fun college is and that by taking chances/opportunities it will pay off in the end. Throughout my blog I talk about being involved in something and I tell stories of how I am. I hope that if someone reads that they will think that maybe they should get involved in some way. I hope that people have fun reading my blog and that they can share their stories of college and how they might have gone through the same things I did.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I Love My Brother

So I have decided to expand on one topic from last week and that is intramural sports. The past couple of weeks I was involved with a team on main campus which all my sisters and my brother is on. I’ve had fun getting to know the rest of the team and playing softball considering I haven’t played for years. We have had six games this season and we have gone 6-0 for the year. That was very exciding because my brother has never done that before or even won the championship, which we did yesterday. But I would have to say that my highlight of the season came on Monday’s tournament game.

This was the second tournament game we had, but the first we were actually going to play because our first game the other team forfeited. So we were all excided to play and try to get to that championship game. As we all warmed up we were wondering what the other team was going to be like. We stopped warming up for a little bit and decided to watch the end of another game that was going on, on our field. Then we saw them, the other team. They were being led by James Laurinaitis, #33 from the OSU football team. I thought I was going to die. I’m a huge fan of his and he’s standing right there. But then it hit me that I had to play against him. I’m not going to lie, I got a little scared. We all started the game kind of intimated but we soon figured out that we could beat them. Going into the last inning we were tied at eight. We had to bat first and we ended up scoring four runs. But then they had the last bat. We ended up getting three outs before anyone could reach third base. We all were so excited because we just beat his team. By now I was thinking, “Crap, we just beat his team so now I really can’t ask for a picture.” I thought it might be rude or something like that. As we were clapping everyone’s hands he went down the line being really sincere about saying good game. I was walking back to the dugout when I heard my brother yell to get my camera. My brother asked James if it would be ok if my sister and I got a picture with him because we were big fans. He didn’t mind at all. So we got a picture. I couldn’t believe it. I really had a picture with him. But now, I am forever in debt to my brother for it. But I can live with that.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Fell In Love

The other day I was thinking why I loved coming to Ohio State. So I decided to make a list and this is what I came up with.

1) Football
When deciding on a college, football tickets are really what pushed me over the edge. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It is such an amazing thing to be at a game and watch the games live. My friends back home are always asking me if they can somehow get to a game. I feel so privileged to be able to go to the games when so many people would love to go too.

2) Opportunities
I love all the activities and opportunities OSU has to offer. Intramural sports have really opened up a lot of doors for me. I have met so many great friends because of it. I am also involved in a softball team on main campus with my brother and sisters. I love doing that because it lets me spend time with my family, while also meeting new people.

3) Friends/Family
I love all my friends that I have met because of OSU. And also one of my friends from high school goes to main campus so I am able to stay closer to her too. Being at OSU lets me be close to my brother and sisters too. All three of them have graduated or are going too from OSU. My sister still goes their and my brother also works now for OSU, so I am able to still be close to them. Having something like OSU in common makes a great bonding thing for my family. It always gives us something to talk about.

4) Education
OSU has one of the best education programs. I know that going here I am getting the education that I need and want. Enough said.

5) Memories
Here at Ohio State I have had some of the best memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. There have been ups and downs but holding on to those memories get me by. Spending time with my friends and just hanging out laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I love just to sit back and enjoy those moments with my friends.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Change for Sports (essay #2)

The blog that I looked is by Charles Deemer, called The Writing Life II. His post that I looked at is named College Sports and is at He talks in his blog about how college sports, in his mind, are a mess. He says he’s a fan of sports all together, but thinks that college sports need to be cleaned up in many areas. I am also a fan of sports all around and there may be some things are a little messed up, but I think that if you change them now, it will change for the worse.

The first point he makes is to ban all scholarships in all college sports. He doesn’t want to pay anyone anything to come to college to play a game. The next point he makes is to redefine league play locally, the way high schools do it. Deemer doesn’t want teams traveling 3000 miles in order to play a game. He also says they should make an equal plane for all sports, support each team as much as the other. He states that coaches should not be paid no more than you pay other “professors” who teach a subject. The author also talks about how colleges have a free farm system for the NFL and NBA and that professional baseball teams have to develop their talent through a farm system of minor leagues that they pay for. He believes that football and basketball should change to be that way.

When I read this blog post I was a bit confused. I understand what he is trying to say, but I don’t agree with it at all. To ban all scholarships in sports would be the worst thing for a college athlete. He thinks by doing this it will focus on higher education. But if you think about how that will effect athletes, it will be pushing some away from an education. For some people their only chance of getting to college and getting an education is through sports. By getting a scholarship, they are awarded an opportunity that they may not have had if it wasn’t for a sport. Some students can’t afford college and scholarships are their only shot at it. I understand that he thinks that some athletes are only there to go pro and not for an education, which is true in some cases. However, I feel that banning scholarships will turn away students from getting an education. I don’t agree with him at all on this. I think it would be a huge mistake.

The author also talks about redefining league play locally, the way high schools do it. He doesn’t think that you should travel large numbers of miles to play someone and that you should have some cross-town rivalries. Yes, I think that sometimes teams travel a large number of miles to get to a game, but then I think about it and disagree that they travel for a reason Having OSU play someone like Findley in football, I think, would be bad. OSU is a number one school in football for a reason. At some point there would be no competition for the teams. Even if you try to change the leagues, there is going to be schools that are going to be bigger and better than the small ones. The whole point of leagues is to have the same playing field and have that competition.

Deemer thinks that you should pay coaches no more than you pay other “professors” who teach a subject. I think that some coaches are getting paid a lot more then they should be, but then I think that they also work hard for what they make. The author says “Teaching football is not more valuable than teaching history or literature or mathematics or home economics or engineering or water coloring or marketing.” I think that coaches work for what they make. I don’t think that their pay should go down, I think that teachers should go up because having three of them in my family, I know what it takes to teach and they don’t get enough for it. I do agree that teachers and coaches should have closer payments, but I don’t think that you can compare it together because they are two different things when it comes down to it.

I do agree with his next point about making an equal plane for all sports. I think that everyone should support other teams just as much as the big teams like football and basketball. It is hard though to be able to do that for all the sports in a college, especially like OSU because they offer so many different sports. I think that students should try to get out and support all the teams that their school offers and have the same pride that they do for the big teams.

Deemer states that he also thinks that athletes shouldn’t be able to get into the NBA or NFL after a year or so. He thinks that playing a college sport should be for the college and not just to go pro faster. I agree that college sports should be for college but the whole reason for college sports is for one day to be able to go pro. I think that it would be ideal for a student to stay and play all four years, but then if the time is right to leave, then they should go. They should have them stay at least two years so they can get the practice and advice they need.

I believe that if you change any of these things in college sports right now, the viewers and the players would decline. Some of these rules would drive people away. The point of college sports is to have that great competition and get ready to go to the pros if that is what they want to do. I believe that it is in the best interest of everyone to just keep it the same. If it works right now, why change it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oh, How I Hate Change

So last night I was fishing with some friends and I was talking to one of them and we started talking about having to start to pack up some of our stuff to take home. Then it hit me, home. I have to go home after the year is over with; I have to leave my friends. Then that feeling started, the feeling of change. Oh, how I hate change. I don’t hate all change, change is good most of the time but I hate leaving people. And I know that I’ll see most of my friends next year but it won’t be the same. I’ll have to make some new friends and I hate that. Growing up I never had to really make friends because I lived in a small town and so we all knew each other. When we met in grade school we stayed friends all throughout high school. I really don’t remember meeting my friends because it was just that long ago. So coming to college was hard for me because I really had no idea where to start. And now I’m going to have to do it again.
Next year I’m going to the Columbus campus and it’s going to be so different. I’m exciting though to be able to experience something new. Because I grew up in a small town so then going main campus is a big deal. Newark is comfortable to me, but I feel like I always do the comfortable thing and I never really challenge myself, but I really think this is going to challenge me. I need to step out of my bubble of small towns and really just enjoy what Columbus will offer.
Thinking about how I’m excited about Columbus but sad about leaving my comfort zone and friends makes me feel like I’m on a rollercoaster about to throw up. I hate the fact that things won’t be the same next year but I’m so excited about it at the same time. I’m so confusing sometimes and I don’t know what to think. I know everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to but I can’t help but worry. Oh, how I hate change.