Friday, June 1, 2007


Dear friends,

I just want to take this time and thank you for your friendship this year. It is hard coming into a new situation with not knowing anyone, but meeting you guys was the best thing for me. We’ve had some great memories and stories throughout the year. Between our never ending games of Mad-Gab, to our wonderful trips to random places and our lovely nighttime basketball games, the memories grow. Just like the muscles in me because of our 3 hour long volleyball games.

You have shown me who I really am and let me be that person that I never was before. You have shown me how to really appreciate things and not to worry about stupid stuff like I use to. Even though we may be all going to main campus next year, it is still going to be hard to keep in touch seeing as we are all living in separate places. But I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need anything I will be here.

You all have made my freshman year at OSU good one. I was so nervous coming into this year because I wanted to be on main campus with people I knew. But now I wouldn’t trade this year for anything. We all have been through the boredom together and in the end, it wasn’t so bad. Even though I’m ready for summer, it saddens me to have to say goodbye knowing that things won’t be the exact same next year. I know that we will stay friends but I hate good-byes. So here’s my good-bye, thank you for the wonderful memories, the friendships and letting me be me. If by chance we don’t meet up again, remember what we had here and know I’ll always be there for you.

Your friend,


Elizabeth Gehres said...

I looked at your first blog you posted for class and then scanned through the rest of them up too your most resent one. You have improved a lot since we started blogging. I like reading what you blog about because I can relate to how you feel about Ohio State. In every blog, you express how you feel about the college life especially here at OSU. I of course can relate to how you feel and what experiences you’ve gone through because I have gone through most of them with you!! I like how much you love OSU and how you express how much you enjoy the school and all the activities that come with it. The blogs I enjoyed reading the most were the ones about football games or you spending time with your friends because when people read those post’s they will be able to tell how much you enjoy both aspects of college. Over all I really liked your blog I think you did a nice job of putting everything together. It made for some interesting reading and was nice to see how much you have enjoyed OSU.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Ditto what Elizabeth wrote. This last post shows a real growth in your writing. You have really captured sentiment in here in a letter that is ostensibly just for your friends but also lets anyone see your feelings and gives us a chance to relate to them. Bravo.