Friday, May 25, 2007


Why did you choose to blog about your life at Ohio State?

I chose to write about Ohio State because it is something that is important to me. I felt that by writing about my college life, I could share what I have experienced. OSU has always been something that I could talk about with anyone. Growing up, my whole family was Buckeye fans so that just brought us together. That was something that we could always have in common and share among each other. My three older siblings all have gone to OSU and it just felt right for me and my sister to follow. I know a lot about Ohio State because of my family, so I figured that blogging about that would come easy for me. Writing about my life at OSU has made me realize that sometimes I’m not the only one stressed about classes, or excited about football games. Knowing that people feel the same way I do about things really helps to keep me calm in some ways.

What do you hope that people will learn from your writing?

I hope that people learn how much fun college is and that by taking chances/opportunities it will pay off in the end. Throughout my blog I talk about being involved in something and I tell stories of how I am. I hope that if someone reads that they will think that maybe they should get involved in some way. I hope that people have fun reading my blog and that they can share their stories of college and how they might have gone through the same things I did.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...


Good job. Sounds like a sound philosophy. Have you invited any of your schoolmates--beyond this class--to read your blog?

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